Warwick Stone - The Man Behind The Memorabilia (Part Two)

June 25, 2014 • by John Schumacher

This is part two of our three part video series with Warwick Stone, Hard Rock Hotel curator. View part one here.

One of the biggest questions asked about the memorabilia at Hard Rock Hotel is the price tag.

“The whole collection is past six million dollars,” explains Stone. “If you include the art in the hotel rooms it’s like seven million dollars.”

Instruments. Clothing. Props. Stage equipment. There are countless pieces of rock ‘n’ roll treasure featured throughout Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Stone gets his memorabilia from all over the globe, but some of the collection comes from concerts right inside Hard Rock Hotel.

“[There are] a lot of the featured displays, especially from bands that are currently appearing in The Joint, or coming to do a residency,” said Stone. “We’ll take a lot of space to do tributes to them.”

Bands who have done Vegas residencies at the hotel have an established presence inside the casino. 2013 residents Def Leppard have a wall of records and awards adjacent The Joint box office, a case of guitars and outfits near the hotel check in desk, and a special display of drummer Rick Allen’s custom drum set outside Fu Asian Cuisine.

With certain bands calling Hard Rock Hotel their home for 2-3 weeks at a time during their residencies, Stone explained “it’s not ‘un-museum like’ to do special exhibits” for them.

After speaking with Stone, we learned he is also moving towards larger installations and exhibit-like displays featuring memorabilia from multiples bands within the same display. These bands can be linked by genre, style, time periods, etc. Coming soon: a punk-themed makeover throughout the entire Mr. Lucky’s Café.

“Hopefully I’ve got something for everybody,” Stone said. 


In July, check back in as we reveal the third and final video in the Warwick Stone video series.

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