The Joint - Seating Chart

Seating Chart

Perfect Seating for Any Show.

From front row orchestra to balcony to box, you’re in for the time of your life as The Joint has been sound engineered to make sure every seat is the best seat in the house!

Main Floor: The closest to the stage wins! Whether it’s General Admission or reserved seating, true rock 'n roll lives in General Admission.

Studio Level: Want a tremendous vantage point without being down in the crowd? The studio level is the spot for you. For reservations call 702.693.5220 or email us at

Luxury Suites: Enjoy personal TV's, comfortable stadium-style seating, beverage service, and a spectacular viewpoint looking directly at the stage. For reservations call 702.693.5220 or email us at

Balcony: Fixed, stadium-style seating so intimate, the farthest seat is only 155 feet from the stage.

Please note that seating varies by show and always refer to for the correct seating for specific shows.